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Five Of The Top Restaurants In The City Of San Bernardino CA

Five Of The Top Restaurants In The City Of San Bernardino CA

Berdoo as San Bernardino is sometimes called is a great city in California to explore. Also known as the Inland Empire, the city is home to hundreds of restaurants. I’m going to give you the details about good places to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This piece is going to cover a total of five of the best dining establishments in San Bernardino CA.

There are approximately 150 restaurants known for serving up breakfast in San Bernardino, and Mimi’s Cafe ranks #1. Located on East Hospitality Lane, Mimi’s Cafe is well-known for its pumpkin muffins. It is also known for serving up French cuisine and is not just a place to grab a nice breakfast. You’re talking about all kinds of great dishes, and so this cafe would make for a great stop anytime.

Rosa Maria’s is said to be the #1 lunch spot in Berdoo, and its location is 4202 North Sierra Way. This top-notch lunch eatery is known for what the owners call a garbage burrito. That means the burrito has all the fixings, and I bet it tastes delicious. Then there is the fact it comes wrapped in a homemade tortilla, and you just can’t beat that. I bet you are going to find some scrumptious food.

Rosa Maria’s is also a great place to have dinner. But I have a dinner pick for you as well. It’s called Alfredo’s Pizza & Pasta. Located at 251 West Baseline, Alfredo’s Pizza & Pasta is said to serve up generous portions. Are you ready for your fill of lasagna and cannolis? Maybe you are craving a different dish and dessert. People say the food is delicious, and it’s certainly also a place you can order up pizza while on vacation in San Bernardino.

Let’s stick with dinner picks now to close out this article. Happy Family Vegetarian Restaurant is a good pick, especially if you are specifically in search of a place to enjoy healthy food. Located on 2150 South Watermelon Avenue, Happy Family Vegetarian Restaurant is known for that type of cuisine indeed. It is a Chinese restaurant, and people say that the place features great lunch specials.

So the last restaurant mentioned is good for both lunch or dinner. Now it’s time for the final pick for San Bernardino restaurants. Why not go with another pizza place? People on vacation love their pizza. Does that sound good to you? Two Guys Pizza & Pasta is located at 2566 Highland Avenue, and the place is known for serving up more than a pizza. Lasagna makes the menu highlights for sure.

When dining out in San Bernardino, you’re going to know where to go. You will have experienced some of the best restaurants in Berdoo, and there’s more where that came from. Explore San Bernardino CA, and when it’s time to grab a bite to eat, you’re going to be able to stop at a place you know serves up great food. That goes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, whatever time of day it is right now.