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Is Hydro Jetting Safe for My Plumbing System?

Hydro jetting is a powerful drain cleaning method that removes stubborn clogs and blockages from sewer lines. Using a high-pressure water stream of 4000 psi, hydro jetting is a chemical-free and environmentally friendly way to clean even the grimiest pipes. Modern plumbing services have made drain cleaning, inspection, and repairs more reliable and less invasive than ever. When hydro jetting services are coupled with video camera inspections, plumbing professionals can identify the exact location of a blockage or clog and work to eliminate it quickly and efficiently. While conducting inspections before drain cleaning, a plumbing professional can evaluate the condition of your pipes and ensure they can withstand the pressure of a hydro jet stream. An initial inspection is important since hydro jetting can be unsafe for weak or compromised pipes.

How to Know When Hydro Jetting Services are Needed

While hydro jetting is not a new service or technique, the average homeowner is more familiar with traditional drain cleaning services like snaking. However, it’s important to know traditional drain cleaning methods won’t clear more troublesome blockages. Plumbing problems like leaks, sewer backups, and foul odors can signal you need drain cleaning. If you aren’t sure whether your drains need basic snaking or hydro jetting services, inspecting your pipes is a good place to start. Buildups of hair, grease, and other sludge can be difficult to move without serious effort.

Cautions of Hydro Jetting Before an Inspection

Hydro jetting can remove severe blockages like tree roots, hair, and greasy residue; however, it can damage already weak or compromised pipes. While hydro jetting has become a service commonly used by commercial food service properties prone to greasy buildup, their industrial plumbing makes their plumbing systems nearly impervious to any complications caused by the strength of the high-pressure water in a hydro jet stream. Unfortunately, if your home is older with its original plumbing, you may need to schedule an inspection before committing to hydro jetting services. The powerful water used to clear clogs from pipes can occur if not handled by a professional technician or conducted on aged or compromised pipes.

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