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Every homeowner knows that plumbing issues are one of the most annoying things that can go wrong in a house. Overflowing toilets, clogged drains, and leaky pipes can be enough to drive a homeowner insane. One of the best things you can do for plumbing problems is to be prepared ahead of time. At Thompson Family Plumbing, our plumbing supply store can give you everything you need. Here are a few items we think should be on every homeowner’s list.

A set of wrenches is one of the most essential tools for any homeowner. While they come in handy for all kinds of problems, plumbing issues need wrenches constantly. Tightening and loosening bolts is required for everything from fixing a leaking faucet to taking apart a pipe system piece by piece. Keep a wrench set on hand, and you won’t regret it.

One thing every bathroom absolutely needs is a plunger. Plungers are used to create suction in a drain, which helps deal with a clogged toilet quickly and easily compared to more extreme methods. Toilet clogs are caused by debris getting caught on an irregular edge in the pipe, and gradually building up until the water has nowhere to go. The debris gets stuck because it can’t be pushed down the toilet, which is where the plunger comes in handy. By sucking the debris back up the pipe slightly, the obstructions are pulled away from the snag that caught them, and can usually flow freely on the second pass. Plungers are usually needed on short notice, so not having one on hand is a recipe for disaster.

Drain snakes are an extremely useful plumbing tool that are not kept on hand nearly as often as they should be. Similar to the plunger, the drain snake is used to clear clogs that develop in drains when debris gets snagged. However, the snake is pushed physically into the drain, enabling it to clear more difficult clogs than a plunger could. Snakes are especially great for clearing out shower clogs, which are usually caused by a gradual buildup of hair. A great tip is to run your drain snake through the shower every week or so even when it is not currently experiencing a problem. This will clear any developing clogs before they become an issue, and keep your shower draining smoothly.

If you are missing any of these plumbing essentials, make sure to stop a plumbing supply store today. This essential checklist of household items will make a big difference next time you have a plumbing problem. Without these things on hand, you could easily run into a situation where you end up with a big mess, or even water damage, in addition to your plumbing problem. You will also be able to get some plumbing jobs done yourself, which will save you some money. If you do find a problem that requires professional help, make sure to call Thompson Family Plumbing for a reasonably priced and professional solution to any plumbing problem. thompsonfamilyplumbing.com