Water Testing Service

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Saying water is a valuable resource is a huge understatement. It is, in fact, an indispensable resource. We cannot live without water. Our health is reliant on drinking clean water quite frequently. Our daily hygiene routines all rely on having a steady supply of clean water. Simply, there is no living, and living comfortably without having access to clean water.

As a plumbing company, Thompson Family Plumbing & Rooter truly appreciates the important role water plays in our lives. As such, we endeavor to provide the best plumbing serving possible, thereby ensuring that our clients have an efficient and effective connection all-though their properties.

Aside from providing high-quality plumbing services, we also provide highly accurate and efficient water testing services. It is not enough to have a steady supply of water the water must be clean and fit for human consumption and use. Our water testing services are designed to meet the various needs that our esteemed clients may have.

For instance, our water testing services can be used by homeowners and business who are seeking a better understanding of the state of their water. Since we conduct comprehensive tests, we help our clients attain a full understanding of the stat of water they use, regardless of whether the water is privately source or whether the water is supplied by the municipal. If the water is of high-quality, you end up with peace of mind that what you and your family consume is healthy for you. Furthermore, you save money by having not to purchase expensive water treatment devices that you do not need.

Our water testing services are also perfect for property owners looking to remedy a known defect in their water. Whether you are interested in remedying issues such as hardness, unpleasant odor, iron, and much more, you need to have a full understanding of the extent of the issue to come up with a reliable and effective remedy. The information gathered from our test will make it easier for our clients to understand the full extent of the problem and take remedial action.

What We Test

To make our tests any useful to our clients, we have designed them to be comprehensive and exhaustive. We test for tens of issues, and, therefore, we are able to come up with a comprehensive report on the state of your water supply.

To this end, we test for the presence of biological organisms such as bacteria (for instance, E.coli and coliform), volatile organic chemicals, inorganic chemicals, minerals, and heavy metals. As such, the report we come up with will furnish you with the makeup of the water you use. You will get information regarding alkalinity, pH, total dissolved solids, hardness, irons, manganese, lead chromium, fluoride, and much more.

We cannot overstate enough the value of having a clean water supply. It is necessary for your health and crucial for your daily living. If you live in Apple Valley, Victorville, Oak Hills, Hesperia, Phelan, Rancho Cucamonga, Adelanto, San Bernardino and the surrounding areas are in doubt about the quality of water you use or just want to have peace of mind, contact us today and we will arrange for one of our expert technicians to test your water.