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Can Water Softeners Cause Low Water Pressure?

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Can Water Softeners Cause Low Water Pressure?

Understanding the Impact of Water Softeners on Water Pressure

Ever noticed a sudden drop in your shower’s water pressure, leaving you wondering if your morning routine needs to be adjusted?

You might not have to.

Often, the culprit behind these frustrating changes can be tied directly to your Lake Havasu City home’s water softener.

Getting to the root of this issue involves a bit of sleuthing and understanding how water softeners interact with your plumbing system.

Keep reading to unravel the mystery and learn how to keep your water flowing smoothly.

Key Takeaways

  • Low Water Pressure Might Not Always Be Due to Your Water Softener
  • Checking the Size of Your Water Softener Can Help Match Household Demand and Improve Water Pressure
  • A Clogged Sediment Filter Can Drastically Reduce Your Water’s Flow Rate and Pressure
  • The Resin Bed in Your Water Softener Could Be the Culprit Behind Low Water Pressure if It’s Clogged or Needs Regeneration
  • Regular Maintenance and Inspections Can Prevent Resin Beads From Clogging Your Plumbing Fixtures

Start by Isolating the Issue

Okay, let’s get right to it.

You’re standing there, about to step into the shower when you notice the water pressure isn’t what it used to be.

It’s more of a gentle drizzle than the rejuvenating blast you were hoping for.

Before you go blaming your water softener or assuming it’s time to call in a professional, let’s break this down and troubleshoot step by step.

Let’s look out for telltale signs of low water pressure and see if ditching the water softener for a bit changes anything.

And hey, it might not hurt to ask around and see if your neighbors are getting dribbled on too.

That way, we can figure out if this is a solo adventure or a group experience.

Identify Signs of Low Water Pressure

So, you’re wondering if your morning shower has lost its mojo, and you suspect the culprit could be less-than-ideal water pressure, right? One quick way to tell is if it takes ages for your shampoo to rinse out, or if filling up the bathtub feels like you’re waiting for rain in a drought. That’s your first clue.

Another sign? Your kitchen faucet might be throwing you hints by not giving that powerful spray needed to blast the food off your plates. If your appliances that use water, like the dishwasher or washing machine, seem to be on a go-slow mission too, it’s definitely time to play detective:

  • Check if the shower’s turned into a drizzle fest.
  • See if the time to fill a pot in the kitchen has doubled.
  • Notice if your appliances seem to be taking their sweet time.

Check if the Issue Persists Without the Water Softener

Alright, ditching the water softener for a bit might sound like a hassle, but trust me, it’s a game-changer in our little investigation. After turning off or bypassing your water softener, keep an eye on the water pressure during your next shower or when doing the dishes: Is there a noticeable difference, or is it the same old story?

Before Bypassing Water Softener After Bypassing Water Softener
Shower pressure weak Noticeable improvement or no change?
Long time to fill pots Quicker or still slow?
Appliances lagging Performance boost or consistent?

If there’s a sudden burst of energy in your water flow, we might have just pinpointed the culprit. But if the water’s shy flow remains unchanged, then our suspect list just got shorter, steering us away from blaming the water softener. Time to keep sleuthing and rule out other potential mischief-makers affecting your home’s water pressure.

Determine if Other Homes in the Area Experience Similar Issues

After doing all that detective work solo, it’s time to see if the mystery extends beyond your front door. Popping over to a neighbor’s place or shooting them a quick text can shed light on whether this low water pressure drama is a solo act or if it’s hitting the whole block. If everyone’s faucets are on a go-slow, it might just be a bigger issue than we thought.

Finding out that the Joneses next door, and possibly the entire street, are in the same boat ties the room together, doesn’t it? Suddenly, the plot thickens, suggesting that the water softener might just be a red herring, and our focus shifts to broader, possibly municipal issues. Besides, there’s comfort in numbers, and knowing you’re not alone can sometimes make the hassle a tad less annoying.

Alright, you’ve pinpointed the problem. Now, let’s throw a curveball – could your water softener be the mysterious culprit behind this mess? Let’s find out.

What if the Water Softener Is Involved?

So, we’ve been poking around the idea that water softeners might be the sneaky culprits behind the scenes, tampering with our water pressure.

To break it down, let’s zap right into understanding how these water softeners do their thing.

It’s like peeling an onion; we’ll uncover the layers by recognizing what screams ‘Hey, I’m a water softener affecting your pressure!’

Then, we’re suiting up for a little experiment.

We’ll roll up our sleeves and check out firsthand if twiddling with the water softener brings back that lost oomph to our showers and faucets.

It’s about turning detective, gathering facts, and connecting dots to see the full picture.

Understanding How Water Softeners Work

Alright, diving deep into how water softeners jive with our plumbing, imagine them as the unseen heroes (or villains, depending on the day) poised at the water’s edge. They’re there to tackle hard water culprits—think of minerals like calcium and magnesium—that love to party too hard in our pipes.

These softeners swap those hard minerals with something a bit friendlier, usually sodium. This swap-a-roo is done through a process called ion exchange. The hard minerals take a seat, and sodium takes their place: It’s like musical chairs at a microscopic level.

Before Water Softener After Water Softener
Water filled with hard minerals Hard minerals swapped for sodium
Minerals causing buildup and blockages Reduced mineral buildup, smoother flow
Pipes under pressure Less strain on pipes?

Recognizing Common Indicators Related to Water Softeners

Spotting the sneaky signs that a water softener might be messing with your water pressure feels a bit like being a detective, doesn’t it? Well, if you’re suddenly finding your skin feeling a tad slicker after showers or your water tastes a bit salty, that’s your water softener waving a big, “Hello!” These changes mean it’s working, but they could also hint at it working a little too well, causing a hiccup in water flow.

And then there’s the moment you realize your once forceful garden hose now weeps like it’s lost its will to spray. That’s when you gotta wonder if your water softener is pulling a bit too hard on your home’s water pressure. It’s subtle, but when your plants are getting a mist instead of a shower, it’s time to pay attention to what’s happening behind the scenes.

Steps to Confirm the Water Softener’s Impact on Water Pressure

So, you’re suspecting your water softener has turned into a bit of a water pressure party pooper. To get to the bottom of this, think about doing a simple test. Just for a couple of days, bypass or completely shut off your water softener. It’s a bit like playing hide and seek with your water flow; let’s see if it comes back strong without the softener in the loop.

After giving it a go without the softener, keep a keen eye on how your morning shower feels or if the kitchen sink finally gets its groove back with a stronger spray. It’s like conducting a mini science experiment right in your own home. If there’s a noticeable jump in pressure, you’ve just cracked the case on who the culprit might be. If not, well, at least we’ve ruled out one suspect, right?

So you suspect your water softener’s at the heart of your woes? Buckle up because the real twist is—it’s simply not big enough to tackle the job.

Your Water Softener Is Just Too Small

Picture this: you’ve just realized your morning showers are more whimper than roar, and after a bit of sleuthing, you’re starting to suspect your water softener’s playing a part.

But here’s a twist – maybe it’s not the softener’s fault per se, but its size that’s throwing a wrench in your waterworks.

That’s right, the size of your water softener can seriously mess with your water pressure, especially if it’s too small for the demands of your household.

So, how do you figure out if your softener is the runt of the litter or if it’s up to snuff?

Well, buckle up.

We’re going to dive deep into the importance of matching your water softener’s size to your needs, work out the math to pinpoint the perfect fit, and explore some savvy ways to upgrade your system if it turns out size really does matter.

Hang tight, because we’re about to demystify the whole size and pressure puzzle.

How the Size of a Water Softener Affects Water Pressure

So, here’s the scoop on why the size of your water softener can really throw your water pressure for a loop: If you’ve got a pint-sized softener serving a household that gulps water like there’s no tomorrow, you’re bound to hit some bumps. It’s all about capacity and demand. Imagine inviting a football team to a barbecue and only cooking one burger – it just doesn’t add up!

  • Picture it: your too-small water softener is working overtime, but can’t keep up.
  • The minerals it needs to swap out stack up, creating a bottleneck.
  • Water struggles to make it through, reducing the flow to your taps and showers.

And there’s this thing: The right-sized softener balances the water flow seamlessly. Without enough grunt behind it, though, water pressure drops, leaving you wondering why your showers feel more like a soft patter than the invigorating cascade you crave. It’s like trying to run a marathon with one shoe – possible, but far from ideal.

Calculating the Correct Size Needed for Your Household

Figuring out the right size for your water softener starts with some homework, and I’m not just talking about leafing through manuals. You need to estimate how much water your household guzzles daily. Determining this involves checking out the number of people in your home and multiplying that by the gallons each person typically uses. Trust me, it’s less about math skills and more about getting a clear picture of your water usage patterns.

Once you’ve got a handle on your daily water use, it’s time to take a peek at the hardness level of your water. This bit might require a test kit or a call to your local water provider for the scoop. Knowing how hard your water is, combined with your consumption stats, gives you the magic numbers needed to pick a water softener that can handle the load without breaking a sweat. Think of it as matchmaking but for your plumbing system.

Solutions for Upgrading Your Water Softener System

If you’ve nodded along, realizing your water softener’s size might just be the bottleneck in your home’s water pressure saga, upgrading could be your golden ticket. Taking the plunge into a larger system isn’t just about splurging; it’s an investment in bringing back those robust showers and briskly filled pots. I hear you; thinking about upgrades can be daunting, but picture the peace of settling into a consistent, satisfying water flow – it’s like upgrading from a jittery scooter to a smooth-sailing sedan.

Now, during my own quest for better water pressure, I discovered that reaching out to a professional for advice was a game-changer. These pros can evaluate your current system, peek at your water usage, and recommend a tailor-made solution. It’s not just about picking a bigger model off the shelf; it’s about crafting your home’s perfect water flow puzzle. Sure, it’s an extra step, but believe me, marrying your home to the right-sized water softener transforms your water woes into water wins!

Just when you thought you had it all figured out with the water softener, a new challenger appears! Buckle up, because now we’re dealing with a clogged sediment filter.

A Sediment Filter Is Clogged

Picture this: after troubleshooting, pondering, and maybe a little bit of grumbling about your water pressure woes, you stumble upon a likely suspect—your sediment filter.

Yep, tucked away in the mechanics of your water softener, this guy plays a key role in keeping things running smoothly, like a bouncer keeping the riff-raff out of a club.

But when it gets clogged, oh boy, does it put a damper on your flow.

Recognizing the signs of a clogged filter isn’t rocket science—a drop in pressure here, a slow faucet there.

Cleaning or swapping out that sediment filter might just be the next step in our water pressure revival journey.

So, let’s roll up our sleeves and dive into the nitty-gritty of sediment filters, how they impact our search for the lost oomph in our water, and what it takes to get things flowing smoothly again.

The Role of Sediment Filters in Water Softeners

Ever wonder why your water softener has that little extra box or compartment you always forget about until it’s too late? That’s the sediment filter, a real unsung hero in the saga of keeping your water clean and your pressure up to snuff. It’s like the bouncer of your water system, checking each particle at the door to make sure only the clean, good stuff gets through to your pipes and appliances.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting: when that filter does its job a little too well, it collects all sorts of gunk, from sediment to tiny bits of who-knows-what. This collection can turn into a clog fest pretty quickly, putting the brakes on your water flow and leaving you with a sad trickle instead of that mighty river you’re used to:

Before Clog After Clog
Water flows freely Gentle trickle, a shadow of its former self
Appliances and showers at full power Pressure drop, appliances and showers sputter
Filter working quietly in the background Filter clogged, crying out for help

Symptoms of a Clogged Sediment Filter

Spotting when a sediment filter decides to blockade your water flow isn’t exactly something you need a detective badge for. Picture this: you’re merrily going about your business, and suddenly, water’s barely making a guest appearance at your faucet or shower. It’s one of those moments when you know something’s up, signaling it’s high time to peek at that sediment filter.

Another tell-tale sign that screams ‘clogged sediment filter’ louder than my neighbor’s karaoke night is when your appliances start acting up. Imagine your dishwasher or washing machine taking forever to fill up, almost like they’re on a slow-motion setting. It’s not them getting old or lazy; it’s most likely that clogged filter working its mischief on your water pressure.

Cleaning or Replacing the Sediment Filter

So, we’ve figured out a sediment filter gone rogue can tank our water pressure, turning our daily shower into a mere sprinkle. Here’s the twist: Cleaning or replacing it isn’t a Herculean task. I tackled mine with a bit of online guidance and some trusty tools, and guess what? The pressure was back, making mornings great again.

  • I noticed a drop in water pressure – our first hint something’s up.
  • Pulled up a tutorial on sediment filter maintenance (YouTube is your friend).
  • Decided to give cleaning a shot first, but had a replacement filter on standby.
  • Turned off the water supply (because nobody wants an indoor pool).
  • Removed the filter, cleaned it meticulously, and reinstalled it (or swapped it with the new one).
  • Turned the water back on, holding my breath for the moment of truth.

And let me tell you, the difference was night and day. It was like my plumbing had gone from a congested highway to an open freeway. For anyone staring down a water pressure issue, peeking at that sediment filter might just be your golden ticket. Plus, there’s something oddly satisfying about fixing a piece of your home’s puzzle by yourself.

Boom, your detective work isn’t done yet! The adventure thickens as we hurdle from a jammed sediment filter straight into the clutches of a clogged resin bed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I identify the cause of low water pressure in my home?

Oh, low water pressure, that dreaded dribble when you’re looking forward to a powerful shower. Identifying the cause? It could be anything from a simple clogged filter to more complex issues like a hidden leak or even municipal supply problems.

Let’s kick things off with the basics. Check if the low pressure is a house-wide issue or just isolated to one spot. If it’s just your kitchen tap acting up while the shower blasts water like Niagara Falls, you might just need to clear that faucet’s aerator or filter. These little components can clog up with sediment over time, slowing water to a trickle.

Now, if the whole house is suffering, it’s time to look deeper. Your main water valve should be your first stop; a partially closed valve can choke off your home’s water supply more effectively than a thumb on a garden hose. This valve, sometimes found in odd places like a basement or even buried outside, might have been unintentionally nudged almost shut during some other household task.

Another suspect in this mystery could be your water pressure regulator. This little gadget, which not all homes have, helps keep your water pressure from breaking your pipes. If it fails, your water pressure might drop or skyrocket. Both are bad news.

Leaks are the ninjas of low water pressure causes—silent, stealthy, and potentially devastating. Even a small leak can rob your home of pressure, and by the time you find it, you might be dealing not just with dribbles from your faucet but a hefty repair bill. So, keep an eye out for unexpected increases in your water bill or damp patches that could clue you in on these unwelcome visitors.

Last but not least, it might not even be your home at fault. Sometimes, the issue lies with the city’s supply. Infrastructure work, pipe breaks, or simply low-pressure issues in your area can affect your home. A quick call to your neighbors or your local water supplier can help pinpoint if the problem is beyond your property line.

Tackling low water pressure is like being a detective. You start with the obvious clues and work your way into the hidden nooks and crannies of your home’s plumbing system. Sometimes it’s a quick fix; other times, you might need to call in the cavalry (aka professional plumbers). Either way, understanding where to start looking can save you time, money, and many watery headaches.

Could my water softener be responsible for the decrease in water pressure?

Oh, absolutely! If your showers have started feeling more like a drizzle and the kitchen tap seems to barely muster a trickle, your water softener could indeed be the sneaky culprit behind that frustrating drop in water pressure. You see, over time, these units can accumulate minerals or develop clogs, which kind of act like a bottleneck, stunting the flow of water and leaving you questioning whether you accidentally wandered into the Sahara every time you turn a faucet.

What should I do if my water softener is undersized for my household’s needs?

If you discover that your water softener isn’t quite keeping up with your household’s demands, it’s like realizing your favorite sweater has suddenly shrunk. It just doesn’t fit anymore. The knee-jerk reaction might be to panic, but hold that thought. You’ve got options, and they’re not as daunting as you might think.

First off, reassess your family’s water usage. Think about those extra-long showers someone might be taking or that dripping faucet you’ve been meaning to fix. Sometimes, tweaking our habits can ease the load on our water softener without the need for an upgrade.

But, if after all that recalibrating, your water softener still feels like it’s running a marathon in flip flops, it’s probably time to face facts. You need a bigger unit. This isn’t a defeat; it’s an opportunity. Imagine smoother skin, cleaner dishes, and a happier household. Yeah, that’s the dream, right?

Finding the right size can feel like solving a puzzle with missing pieces. You’ll need to consider how many people are in your household, your daily water consumption, and the hardness of your water. It’s a bit like baking a cake. You need the right mix to get the perfect rise.

But hey, don’t go at it alone. Grabbing advice from a professional can save you a ton of guesswork. They can help you calculate your needs precisely and suggest a model that fits like a glove. Plus, they’ll probably have some tips on installation and maintenance that will save you headaches down the line.

In the end, adapting to your growing needs is all part of the homeownership journey. Whether it’s a water softener or something else, there’s always a solution. And who knows? This little hiccup might just be the push you needed to make your home more efficient and comfortable. So, chin up, and let’s tackle this head-on. With a bit of planning and the right help, you’ll have your water situation flowing smoothly in no time.

How can a clogged sediment filter impact water pressure in my home?

Oh, tackling a clogged sediment filter? That sneaky little thing can really throw a wrench in your home’s water flow, making your once powerful shower feel more like a drizzle. It’s like trying to drink a milkshake through a coffee stirrer—frustrating and downright unsatisfying.


Water softeners, designed to remove hard minerals and replace them with sodium, can sometimes become a source of water pressure issues due to various factors such as size mismatch, clogs, or worn-out parts.

Whether it’s bypassing the water softener, cleaning or replacing sediment filters, regenerating or replacing the resin bed, or addressing escaped resin beads clogging fixtures, taking timely action based on understanding the connection between water softeners and water pressure is crucial.

Regular checks, maintenance, and appropriate upgrades of your water softener system play a significant role in ensuring a steady and rejuvenating water flow throughout your household, ultimately enhancing your daily water usage experience.

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    Had a full water softener system and garage sink installed by Shaun Brand a few weeks ago, and the entire process from consultation to installation was smooth and efficient! Shaun patiently and thoroughly answered all questions and concerns. Highly recommend Thompson Family Plumbing to all!
    Mark S.
    Thompson Family Plumbing is my new "go to" plumber in Havasu. Great service, on time, at a fair price. If asked, I will definitely recommend them
    Loran K.
    Joe did a great job of explaining everything, including the why. Definitely recommend Thompson Family Plumbing!
    Puppet S.
    Lynn R.
    Excellent service
    Doug Y.
    Your plumbing teach Dean was very professional and experienced. He was able to extract a shower faucet valve cartridge from an old valve and save us a lot of money. Thank you Dean and Thompson Family Plumbing for your expert care.
    Norm W
    My wife discovered a water leak last Thurs morning coming from our garage ceiling on her way to work.She informed me and I turned off our water source. I called Thompson Family Plumming and I spoke to a pleasant female named Val. As I explained our situation she stated she would make this a priority call and the first tech available will see this and come to my home and diagnose my plumming problem today. That indeed did happen. Shaun arrived around noon time and diagnosed the problem. He explained what had happened, took pictures of the leak and explained opportunities and quoted a very reasonable price for repairs. I agreed and he set to work, repaired the leak, and tested our water for hardness and water pressure for Free and filed the results. All this was done by the time my wife came home from work to our home having running water. Such a pleasure to Experience a business who runs a smooth operation using such skilled employee's who knew how and did their jobs very well having customer care service at their forefront making me feel like their family member who cares. I have lived here for 52 yrs and such a Wonderful experience to see here.I Highly recommend Thompson Family Plumming in LHC.N W
    jay R.
    Alejandro J.
    I had a slow leak in my water main that my utility company notified me of that had turned into a large leak once I found it and dug it up. I called Thompson Family Plumbling late on a Monday morning and they were able to come out a few hours later and fix the leak. Technician was very nice and explained all my options, I would definitely use them again.
    Bonnie M.
    I want to share our experience with anyone needing plumbing services in Lake Havasu City. We've lived here for 40 years and it's a nightmare to call a company and expect them to get back to you right away... let alone the same day and on a weekend!! Lee and Cody and Cameron were so professional and on time!! They explain each step as they work and give you options on plans. My husband and I have always tried to be out best with customer service in our professional life and I can't tell you how great it is to find a company that it's also important too. We will not be using anyone in the future for any plumbing needs except Thompson Family Plumbing!! Thank you so much!!
    Kevin M.
    We will be giving Thompson Family Plumbing a great five star!! We have an older home that we purchased years ago and have redone most everything but the plumbing has been a headache with having older aging pipes. We dealt with Cody first then Lee and Cameron came to do the work. We've lived in Havasu for 40 years and couldn't believe we could get someone to not only call us back on a weekend but show up to do the work. That is unheard of in this town! Thank you for getting us taken care of and we will never call anyone else for our plumbing needs. We we're happy to pay for the professional work and the best customer service we've seen in this field! Lee, Cody and Cameron... you guys are awesome!!!
    Marleen A.
    Very friendly, helpful, and Reliable!
    Mike McWilliams (.
    Thompson plumbing is always my go-to for everything plumbing related. Recently had a slab leak that required a fairly substantial amount of work to remedy. They were professional and diligent to get it fixed in a very timely manner. Thank you for being one of the few businesses around anymore that still value customer service.
    Linda M.
    Did a great job were on time and spent a lot of time explaining everything. Will definitely use them again
    Lake Arrowhead Realty - Frank S.
    I wanted to thank Shaun Brand for his outstanding work and prompt communication with me during his recent job in Needles . Shaun was Timely, Professional, Courteous, and walked me through all phase of the job. He also, went above and beyond to help secure financing for the project. I highly recommend Shaun and Thompson Family Plumbing for your plumbing needs. Frank
    Brandin “RealtorBrandin” W.
    You really are family when you use thompson's family! We had our water heater. Go out on a Saturday and by Monday. Before noon, the part was ordered and our hot water was working!! A company that goes up and beyond and stays to their word.
    Luis E A.
    Shirley M.
    Your plumber, Clancy, was very professional, friendly and answered all my questions in a clear response. I truly appreciate the Family Plan. Very affordable and a thorough inspection and water heater flush once a year, which keeps my home running efficiently. Everyone should sign up with Thompson Family Plumbing. I appreciate your services- and WOW- I love your new Logo and “look”. Best wishes to all. Thank you. Shirley Murphy
    Tell The World Naniene L.
    They are always on time and very knowledgeable
    Jason T.
    Thomson plumbing is absolutely amazing. I love them they're very knowledgeable. They're very tech savvy. They text you when the tech is on his way also. Very professional goes through everything explaining things to you. Cody was absolutely amazing. He told me what was gonna cost he bedded it up. He told me everything that I probably need. He told me he was just very honest. They are there when they say they're gonna be there and you can always text there office and they would answer any questions you have. Be kind. Cody is awesome
    Leontine J.
    This company is helpful, understanding, and professional. I appreciate that they work hard and solve problems quickly. I only call this company for my plumbing needs. They are great. Thank you!
    Ray R.
    Called Thompson’s on a Friday as soon as they opened and got a very pleasant female voice on the line. I explained my problem and she said she would have a technician out to my home ASAP. Joe showed up within 45 min driving a clearly marked company van wearing a nice company logo’d shirt which to me legitimizes the company perception. He diagnosed the problem between the house and the septic tank and realized he would need a full day of working and digging to fix the problem. He was able to temporarily fix the problem for the weekend as we had family members coming to spend the night. He showed up bright and early Monday morning with a helper and had the total problem fixed by 3 PM. He took photos of all the steps of the repair as I was not present to see the progress throughout the day. Because it was such a large project and needed financing Thompson’s helped us set it all up. I am confident it was fixed properly and we will not have any more problems in the future.
    Nancie G.
    Excellent job,TJ is an asset to your company
    Denise S.
    Quick and efficient service thank you for your professionalism
    Jeff W.
    Good, thorough work done. Quite pricey though.
    Daniel G.
    Lee, Cameron and Cody took care of a major issue that we had at the house. I am glad to have contacted Thompson Family Plumbing and Drain. We had a massive root stuck in a mainline pipe causing severe backups in the house. Lee and Cameron ran 25 feet of epoxy through a main line in my cast iron pipes to help stop any and all future corrosion. This process involved descaling and hydro-jetting the lines which was essential for a smooth surface for the epoxy to grasp. All in all I was impressed with the communication and attention to detail when it came to completing the job. They squeezed me in to their tight schedule and knocked the work out within 2 days which was a blessing in itself. I will call them back in the future for any other repairs. Thanks again Thompson family and team.
    Catherine P.
    Thank you Cody! Arrived on time, very honest and knowledgeable!
    Carol S.
    My Plumber, Cody, was awesome, quick, efficient, clean and fair. Quickly diagnosed the problem..gave me options and it was fixed. Cody is a great employee and would use him again.
    Decor O.
    I definitely recommend this company. Not only are they knowledgeable, patient, and the plumber that came out was very trustworthy. Unlike other companies that we met with. I will definitely call this company in the future for all my plumbing needs.
    Carol S.
    Technician Cody was GREAT! Very personable and professional. Explained everything...diagnosed...and repaired. He was very quick, efficient and clean. Gave me tips and options.I felt very comfortable and happy I chose Thompson Family Plumbing. Thank you!!!!
    Timothy W.
    Joe Stepanian is an asset to your company, clean, timely, and a professional. No more issues with the water pressure, thanks. Tim Weis, owner, Diversified Glass Inc.
    Paul A.
    Dan S (.
    Arrived on time and completed the work in the estimated time. Both workers were very polite , friendly, and communicative. We'll definitely use Thompson Family Plumbing & Drain next time we need some plumbing work done.
    Contacted Thompson because of a broken water pipe. Within an hour they had a service tech to my property. The entire process was updated in real time to my cell. When tech arrived, problem was diagnosed and I received email with photos and videos showing problem. The tech was knowledgeable and very courteous . HIGHLY RECOMMEND !!!!!!!!
    Joyce E.
    We have had Thompson plumbing out twice and both times we received excellent service both times. They return calls promptly and keep in touch throughout the whole process. Our tech was thorough and checked the valves throughout the house.
    Oscar T.
    Thompson’s had same day availability, not for an emergency situation, so it was very convenient. The tech, Torriondo, was professional, punctual, polite, neat, and explained everything clearly and was able to answer questions. I was very happy with the service and will call again if I need to.
    Sophie S.
    Super friendly, fast and did a great job
    Linda A.
    I had a plumbing issue last week. Technician Nick and his apprentice Tye came out right away. Diagnosed the problem and had it fixed in no time. Once again, I highly recommend Thompson Family Plumbing for all your plumbing needs.
    ellen S.
    My 21+ year old water heater was beginning to leak, and I knew that I needed to do something sooner than later. After dealing with several plumbing companies who just can't seem to get a job done correctly, on time, or at budget, Thompson Family Plumbing has become my go-to plumbers when I want a job done right and in a timely manner. My past experience as well as today's job went better than I expected. Thompson Family Plumbing has always priced the job right and then over-delivered in the way of service. I have recommended Thompson Family Plumbing to friends who have had the same experience that I have had--true satisfaction for a professional job done right!
    Shane E.
    Best plumbing company in Havasu. They are top notch. Very professional. I highly recommend them for all your plumbing needs. Bravo!
    cesario R.
    our plumber, Shaun Brand, was prompt, courteous, and very informative with providing all the information needed to get the job done. He was thorough, and he listened to any and all questions that I had for him.I'm glad I signed up for the family plan so I can keep using Thompson Family Plumbing when needed.I like the fact that they take pictures of all the work they do.
    Jeff L.
    These guys went above and beyond to fix my root problem. They used exciting technology to actually save me some money. Second time I've used Thompson's.Communication was excellent. Also performed after hours work at a great rate. Best plumbing company in Havasu.
    Christi M.
    They went above and beyond to help us with our plumbing problem. We cannot Thank them enough and Highly Recommend them to everyone. Thank you!
    Charli A.
    We have a rental home in LHC and had our water heater go out on a Saturday. Not an ideal time to find a plumber to get it fixed! Well, Cody, with Thompson Family Plumbing did just that. They were able to get a new water heater installed the same day we called. Cody even stayed after business hours to ensure our renters had hot water!! We cannot say enough good things about their communication and professionalism. We recommend 100% !!!
    Tim J.
    Juan was great! Helpful informative customer service oriented.
    Dean H.
    I own a vacation home in Mohave Valley AZ. I find it challenging to find service providers that are top notch and reliable. Thompson Family Plumbing far exceeded my expectations. Every interaction I had with them was incredibly professional. When Cody Laudermilk arrived at my home, he assessed the issues, provided an accurate estimate, and completed the work on the spot. He also left the premises in as good of shape as he found it. I would definitely recommend Thompson to anyone.
    Drea T.
    Performed camera inspection of cast iron pipes and were able to identify problems. This aided us in the purchase of a home.
    Trimline U.
    The plumber, Dean Taylor, was very courteous and professional. He checked for any leaks and repair those, also. I would highly recommend Thompson Plumbing.
    Carol H.
    Lee and Cody were very professional, thorough and friendly. I appreciate their knowledge. I will definitely be calling Thompson Family Plummimg for all my needs. Thank you again. Carol H
    Jill P.
    The technicians were very professional they fixed the problem in good time. The price was right. I recommend this company for all your plumbing needs
    Clifford G.
    Great experience. Rudy worked hard to get us back up and running again. Thanks again to John, too.
    Rex & Cody are amazing. Quickly diagnosed problem and completed repair at lowest cost available. Very professional. Highly recommend this company. From my first phone call they were very responsive and showed up on a Saturday. Thank you
    Richard D.
    Fast and friendly prompt service
    La Prell Q.
    If anybody is looking for a fantastic plumbing company look no further. I just had two gentlemen here to fix my plumbing issue and they were phenomenal very knowledgeable and what they need to do and what needed to be done highly highly highly recommend this company
    Digger T.
    Special Thanks to Thompson's Plumber Rudy for taking the time to listen to what I wanted done. He gave me a couple options and did a Very Professional job installing the Copper Piping and Valves. We're Extremely Happy with the Work. Thanks Again Bruce Thompson
    A R.
    We had a water main leak around Thanksgiving. The TFP&D office was very responsive, helpful and got someone out to us in a reasonable amount of time. Our tech was Dean and he was terrific! He replaced our setup with some heavy duty piping and reinforcement. He worked hard and stayed at it even when it got dark (and it was cold). He followed up the next day and even after that when we had questions. I definitely recommend their service.
    Jan C.
    I was very pleased and impressed with the the speed at which they were able to get someone to me since my need was essentially an "emergency" situation. I knew who was coming before he arrived which is helpful. His work was thorough and explained completely. The price was very reasonable. There were some extra tests performed which showed the need for further services which were fully explained and estimates given without pressure to decide on the spot how I would handle the situation. I'm very satisfied with the service.
    Evette O.
    Rex was every nice and knowledgeable on explaining the problem. He fix my plumbing issues in a responsible time. highly recommend him!
    Michelle C.
    We had a small backup in one of the lines of our house. I reached out to Alex who got me set up right away with a tech. Rex came out first thing in the morning and cleared everything up for us in less than an hour. Rex was very professional and explained all of our options to us before performing any services. Great service and will definitely use again!!
    Michael Z.
    Had an excellent experience today with Thompson Family Pluming & Drain. My water heater is about 20 years old, so wanted to get an estimate on replacing my unit. Thompson's had the best reviews online, so I reached out yesterday. Their team got back to me within the hour, and after providing some basic additional information had a scheduled appointment todayLee came out, and was showed up on time (there was also a link so I could check on exactly when he was going to show up, which was very helpful). After inspection my existing unit had not leaks, and they confirmed it was working great, and recommended it keep it for now. wow!!!!As a backup, I requested a quote, with multiple options that would very helpful and priced very reasonable. While they were here I had them check my sink and will get estimates on getting that replaced as well. He also adjusted my water pressure which was low at no charge? WOWIf you are looking for a pluming team that does it all and is very knowledgeable I highly recommend Thompson Family Plumbing & Drain.
    Brian S.
    Thompson Family plumbing is great. I love how they call right after you send a repair request on their website and send someone out either that same day or the very next day.
    Bassel S.
    Best service every time I call them. John Thompson is a standup guy who does great work. I would recommend them to anybody.
    Elizabeth T.
    Fantastic service . Thompson plumbing was able to precisely identify and isolate problem area with there equipment. Fast and efficient.
    Anna I.
    Juan was very courteous, professional and knowledgeable, and when he had to come back to replace the water heater, with Mitch, he was also very courteous and professional. They both did an excellent job!
    trish D.
    These guys are so professional and fast! Rex and Sean did an amazing job of replacing our disposal and plumbing it correctly! We highly recommend Thompson Family Plbing!!!
    Susan S.
    Rex was excellent. Very professional, polite, and thorough. Was on time, neat, and did a great job. HIGHLY recommend Rex and Thompson Family Plumbing!!
    Rex and Cameron did a fantastic job. I had options and picked the one that worked best for me. They were fast and professional. I've used Thompson before and will definitely use them again.
    Norman E.
    My technician, Rex, was very helpful and knowledgeable. He helped isolate a leak in my irrigation system. Thompson Family Plumbing was a great experience.
    National F.
    I want to take a moment to write about the service I received from Thompson Family Plumbing. They provided me professional top notch service at competitive rates.
    Antonius S.
    We had a main line stoppage today with all the bathrooms and showers backing up. I called and they were able to work us into the schedule. John and Sean showed up a couple of hours later. They were very friendly, professional and knowledgeable. They knew exactly what to do and cleared the issue in short order. They also identified some issues from the contractor who built the house. I would highly recommend them.
    Julie K.
    Very friendly and upfront. They got the job done timely. I would highly recommend the Thompson Family!!
    trish R.
    We’re so happy with the company and service that we received. We were able to get immediate service. Joseph S. was our technician and he did a great job. He was able to get our water heater and regulator replaced. We really appreciate good hard work and will definitely be returning customers for our plumbing needs.
    A G.
    My septic is working again thanks to Thompson Family Plumbing. I highly recommend them. It gets no better than Tywone Cotton and Joe Stepanian. They were friendly, honest and experienced plumbers who quickly assessed the issue and fixed it in a timely manner. I know I’ll be using this company for all our plumbing needs in the future and you should too!
    Erick G.
    I've used Thompson's several times because they are straight forward, professional, and fair. I've even recommended them for service at my mother's house.
    AL S.
    Jeffrey S.
    awesome job, he worked with my mom, excellently, and fulfilled every need that my mom asked him to do that special to me
    Julie L.
    Dee T.
    Ulyses Ramos went above and beyond putting our yard back together. He is a very honest and hard working employee
    Adam W.
    Joe is a true professional: knowledgeable, courteous, friendly. We called to get one problem dealt with and he ended up fixing another plumbing issue. He explained everything he was going to do and showed us after he was finished.Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Thompson Family plumbing.
    Isabela R.
    Sandie L.
    If you have any plumbing problems this company is the one I would definitely recommend. Their expert technicians were very prompt in handling the crisis with my commercial buildings without having to close any of the businesses down. They have the latest technology in pipeline equipment and worked until the wee hours of the morning to complete the job. Also I appreciated the detailed explanation of all that was being done and gave options to the best solution for my plumbing dilemma. Assuredly, Thompson Family Plumbing is the best in the area.
    Clifford G.
    Thompson Family Plumbing is the best in the west!
    Sheila A.
    Excellent job. Thank u
    Raymond S.
    It was a pleasure to have Joseph do our gas line and water pipe changes for our remodel. He explained what he was doing and updated connections that will make it easier to install our sink when the time comes. Thanks!!
    Irene V.
    For all of thompson plumbing very professional and kind and to our technician Joe s. What a kind and professional tech and worked hard to make sure I would have my water back on ! Thank you so much !
    Wilbur & Angela H.
    They are professional and on time. He did the work as promised.
    glenn joines S.
    Thompson Family Plumbing and Rooter did a great job for me, and I was little shock how fast he did the, he was very knowledgeable at what he needed to do. I just new it was going to take two day for the job. Thank you for the Great job well done. Glenn
    Becky W.
    Ulysses was nice and very thorough. He fixed our problem faucet and he cleaned up after himself. He also had the part in his truck.
    Craig A.
    The guys did incredible work. Very upfront with what needed to be done, and explained different options to fix my issue . Highly highly recommend
    Aniyah L.
    Laura P.
    Arlene B.
    These men were great in diagnosing and fixing all the issues that arose during their visit. They are thorough and took the time to correct all of our issues with our water heater. Thank you for being so professional.
    Gregory W.
    Thompson family plumbing, employees Ulysses/Juan was amazing, explained to us the problem with professionalism we were well pleased and satisfied with their work, outstanding work, very kind and compassion above very smart, and knew their products. Vision in Vision.
    Katie I.
    On a Sunday I discovered wet carpets and water damage to walls after the house was vacant for a week and was in a bit of a panic until I was able to schedule an appointment the next day! Daniel came on time and was very professional and found a leaking pipe in the wall. He was able to fix it right away. He was professional and courteous and did a great job.Thanks for your great service!
    Michael K.
    I'm pleased with the knowledge and the problem was solved.
    Karie L.
    They were very professional and knowledgeable. I would not hesitate to use them again
    Jennifer R.
    Ulysses was wonderful. Really represented the company in the best light. Took care of the problem and left everything immaculate.
    Debbie T.
    Very satisfied with clean, prompt, professional service. Thanks!
    Emma S
    Dean did an excellent job, was friendly, and is very honest. He was on time, put on booties to protect my floor without me asking, and finished the job fast. It turned out to be an easy fix and the price was excellent and fair. Thompson will get my business from now on.
    Frankie M.
    Daniel did a great job and gave me the best price he could. When I need a plumber again I will request him.
    Dan Z.
    Ishmael was very responsive and personable. Finished the work in less than an hour.
    Beth F.
    Thompson Plumbing has been the only plumbing service we’ve used for a year now, and we have no desire to call on anyone else. The work has always been finished with our complete satisfaction. The plumbers that have been in our home are professional, friendly. We think they go over and above to ensure our satisfaction.
    Frank S.
    This is my second experience with Thompson's Family Plumbing. In 2021 they installed a water heater in my home in Lake Havasu. They were prompt and courteous. They did a GREAT job!So when i had a leak in my mainline from the street to my home, they were my FIRST call! I was in California at the time so they made my job a priority. My tech, Dustin Slate, called me as soon as he arrived. He walked in through the process and was very informative and polite. He explained the repair in great detail and had it done in half a day! I felt their customer service was TOP NOTCH. Dustin went the extra mile and called me every step of the way during the repair. The final bill was MORE than reasonable and fair.If you are looking for a top quality job and top notch professional service, look no further than Thompson Family Plumbing!!
    Jaime L.
    Nicholas Silva performed a water backflow test for my home in Wrightwood and explained everything perfectly, took care of business and was the consummate professional, highly recommend him and his company!
    William B.
    Nick and helper were great in fixing a complex plumbing problem and did a top notch installation of my hot water heater! Both were very knowledgeable, friendly, and responsive to my questions!
    Linda A.
    Technician Nick was dispatched to my home for a leaking hose bib. He had the old one off and replaced with a new one in literally less than 5 minutes. He also checked my capped off irrigation valves that had been previously leaking and was repaired by a landscaper. He manually turned off the water flow so there should be no future leaks there either.Fantastic company. Have used them for years and will continue to do so
    Nicole W.
    This was my first time using Thompson Family Plumbing and loved them . Ulysses was on time very nice. He took the time to talk to me about what he would be doing. He answered all my questions and was very polite. I will definitely be using them again in the future.
    Tina C.
    Vincent was courteous, answered all my questions. He was professional and able to communicate clearly as to the issues. I am very pleased that my repairs will last and Vincent left with my bathroom spotless. Thank you Vincent.
    Teresa L.
    While I did have to put the work on hold until I talked to significant other. Dustin was great at explaining to me the issues and gave me several options to help resolve.
    Rosie S.
    Pristine work. Unable to detect area in front lawn had even been disturbed. Very thorough.
    Mike A.
    Quick response. Repair professionally done in under 24 hours
    Daniel A.
    Dean did a great job. He was professional, knowledgeable, friendly and extremely helpful!
    Nathan G.
    Riley Nason with Thompson Family Plumbing was top notch. As a new homeowner, this was my first plumbing issue I’ve ever encountered. I Google searched for local plumbers, Thompson was one of the first to come up that served Colton, CA, after reading through a few reviews I called them up and booked my appointment for the following day. Riley came out, diagnosed my problem, and went to work. He was extremely kind, thorough, professional, and sincere. He efficiently cleared my upstairs toilet that overflowed and leaked into the downstairs bathroom, as well as replaced the old toilet all together and did a fine job. He also offered recommendations for other work we can do to fix my leaking shower. Reasonably priced for the amount of work I had him do within a few hours. I’ll definitely work with Thompson Family Plumbing again.
    Daniela R.
    I’ve called Thompson Family Plumbing for a few years now and they have always showed up, acted professionally and fixed my problems efficiently. The last couple of visit we had Michael Byars and he was friendly and super helpful.
    Bob S.
    Michael B. was great! He was punctual, very professional and took his time to educate me as a homeowner as to troubleshooting plumbing issues. He didn’t try to oversell me for anything. He even played with my dog for a good while! He left my house cleaner than when he arrived. Will definitely be using them again. P.S. Mike needs a promotion!
    Charlie E.
    First of all I talked with a pleasant knowageable person called Tracy which set up the appointment and follow up with tracking so I could see exactly when and who was going to have the pleasure to meet along with a photo. I felt I had a connection with Nick before he arrive. Nick has to be the most professional and honest man I have met. He not only did a great job of replacing my hot water heater shutoff valve. I had several estimates for a tankless water heater. Great job Nick and I can see nothing but great thing happening in your life. Being a tradesman myself I can appreciate your honest attitude and love for your trade.
    Marissa M.
    I was very pleased with the technician Vincent Baumann. He was very knowledgeable and pin pointed the issues I’m having with my kitchen and bathrooms. I look forward to getting the work done soon with this company.
    JD G.
    The experience went without a hitch. Men took care of all my worries, gave a fair price and most importantly were friendly and professional. Five stars.
    Steven H.
    We would like to thank the crew at Thompson Family Plumbing for courtesy, professionalism and kindness. We highly recommend this company because when you have spend a good bit of money, it is great to have confidence in the people who are doing the work. Thank Andres, Mike and Tracy!
    Linda H.
    Andres and Mike worked as a professional and experienced team when they had extensive repairs to complete in our bathrooms. They kept the area clean and were considerate in every way. They consulted us as they worked and the results are wonderful.We thank you Andres, Mike and Tracy. Tracy, we appreciate you for the professional and informative way you handled our initial call.
    Dmac M.
    Ulysses came on his own and took care of our leaks under our kitchen sink and drain. We haven't been up to our cabin since his repair so I'm hoping everything is fine when we go up next week!
    Christy H.
    I had a great experience with Thompson Family Plumbing. They are very friendly and keep in touch with you every step of the way through texts and calls. Our technician, Daniel, was great. He told us exactly what we needed and what it would cost to fix the toilet and hook up our new water softener. I was so pleased with the whole experience that I will definitely use their services again.
    Heather R.
    Andres came out to replace an old faucet on an even older sink. He did an excellent job and was very friendly. He even went above and beyond to shovel snow away from our water valve. We have a very old home in the mountains and I am sure we will be needing more plumbing work. We will definitely call them back. Highly recommend.
    Daisy G.
    William did excellent job, 👏 very patience to explain everything to me .
    Leatrice J.
    Andres came to our home and was very professional, polite, and knowledgeable. His assistance with our plumbing issues is very appreciated.
    Audrey H.
    Dean was on time for the appointment. He was very professional and friendly. The jobs were completed without any drama. He was neat and clean and cleaned up after the job. We are very impressed and now have a go-to plumbing company.
    Marlin T.
    I was very pleased with the repairman, Vincent, and the apprentice working with him, Blake. Why?* Always on time to start (allowing for traffic issues).* Very realistic break for lunch and supplies.* Finished when he said they would both days.* Helpful. Always willing to answer my questions, explain my options, and describe the situations they found.* The description of the situation he gave coincided with previous Plumber’s assessments.* Since I’m not knowledgeable about Plumbing, I can’t realistically evaluate the work they did. But the Before and After pictures say a lot.Based on the work they did, I will definitely recommend them and will use this company for any future plumbing jobs.
    Marisol M.
    Satisfied with service , quick and easy to book. They had some one come and check same day I called. Ulysses was great.
    Ulysses services our water heaters. He was very professional and courteous. Will highly recommend the plumbing services.
    tonya B.
    Great communication and made it the day we called. Easy to work with. Profesional. Thank you!
    Jennette F
    Jacob was very professional, very helpful, and very knowledgeable. We originally used them to come out and repair our tankless water heater. Ended up getting a brand new one, due to his knowledge and expertise. Also had a water treatment system installed at that time. We then had them come out a second time to repair a toilet. Jacob and the customer support has been outstanding! Will use them again for sure.
    Alexis C.
    I called Thompson Plumbing and they sent a technician out the same day to help me with my water heater. It felt like the whole team actually cared about me as a human rather than just a customer. They really went above and beyond for me in the water heater installation and I really appreciated it! Especially with the weather turning.
    Alex B.
    Jacob did the best he could with a less than ideal situation due to the age of our bathtub. The work he did seems to have resolved our issue until we can get a new bathtub.
    Ray S.
    I can not tell you how nice it was to call a plumber, have them come out in a timely matter, solve the problem quickly and professionally, and reasonably priced. Ulysses was great and professional. Did not act like other plumbers who just tried to rip you off with un needed repairs.
    Morgan S.
    Had a water main break in my front yard. Couldn't get anyone to come out for days. Called Thompson and they came out the same day and fixed our main. Jacob, the technician was incredible! Friendly, professions and worked incredibly hard to get our water turned on the same day.Will never call another plumbing company again, and I will request Jacob every time! Thank you Thompson for getting our water back!
    Monique D.
    This was clearly explained What had to be done very very patient understood this was a excellent job I will highly recommend that he comes back again to fix my tub this is the second time he’s come here he’s done an excellent job over 100% thank you again for your time and patience with me you did an excellent job and deserve a raise thank you againChristopher Owens
    Jim C.
    This was a difficult situation to fix because he had to repair another companies huge mistake that was made previously. He figured it out and solved the problem to our total satisfaction. Great job Jacob
    Bobbi B.
    Brian R.
    They showed up on time and were very professional. The technician, Donald Thomas, was friendly and knowledgeable.
    Brian G.
    Ulyses, was the plumber that showed up to my Wrightwood home. He kept me informed of possible arrive time, prompt, professional, informative, seemed to sincerely want to do the best option. So far service has been A+
    Keith D.
    Jacob was very professional and thoroughin his estimate for everything we discussed .I Highly recommend Thompson Family Plumbing.
    Honeyt M.
    Jacob installed a new water heater for me. He was very prompt, professional and friendly. Jacob installed the water heater in just a couple of hours. Jacob appeared to be well trained and cleaned up after himself. Very satisfied with his work
    Carlos P.
    I would highly recommend Thompson Family Plumbing as a professional plumbing contractor.The service technician Andres was personable, polite, professional, and punctual.He actually stayed late to complete the repairs he promised.In this day and age it's a wonder to actually find a professional home repair company.Andres was great, as was the whole office staff, and the Conseirge Team.I will definitely use their services again.
    Jean H.
    We used Thompson's 2 months ago to repair a frozen pipe and hose bib. They sent Dean and he did an excellent job...this past week at 10pm, our pipe backed up and flooded our bathroom. I emailed Thompson's immediately, explained the problem, they called first thing the next morning and sent Jacob Martinez out to find the problem. It turned out to be somewhat complex. We had roots, rocks and a sagging clogged pipe that needed to be replaced. Jacob is the hardest worker we have ever seen! This was a very difficult job! He had to hand dig, remove and replace several feet of pipe under the house in very limited crawl space! We will never use another company or plumber. Thank you Thompson's for your incredible customer service, professionalism, and follow through. Jean and Dave Hamilton
    Judy W
    We bought a fixer upper house in Lake Arrowhead and had no idea of the number of Plumbing issues we would have. Richard Reaster's expertise, helpfulness and ability to diagnose and quickly repair leaks, faucets, toilets, and septic tank issues, saved us a lot of grief. He even found additional issues that need repair before they happen. His ideas on how we can move a washer and dryer to a new area as inexpensively as possible make him a great asset to his company. I highly recommend Richard for your Plumbing needs
    Pama K.
    James C.
    Water heater pressure relief valve replacement